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Welcome to the world of Larimar Copenhagen

We are a small Copenhagen based company founded by Signe Geil and Jeppe Hangaard in 2016.

15 years ago Signe’s family found their favourite place in the world, in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Here Signe saw the Larimar stone for the first time in her life. Immediately she fell in love with the unique colours of the Larimar stone. She brought the Larimar stone to Denmark as a reminder of paradise and the Caribbean Sea.

After several years, she told Jeppe about her passion and he too got passionate about the interesting history of the Larimar stone. He found that the rings were very unique, beautiful and with a Nordic look. He came up when the name Larimar Copenhagen and there we started the adventure of Larimar Copenhagen. Check out our youtube channel

After….”Together we formed the vision of sharing the Larimar fairytale with Copenhagen, Scandinavia.” Today Benedichte, has taken over Jeppes passion, with even more sparkle and higher dreams. Together, we will continue the Larimar fairytale. “Wearing a Larimar ring is like wearing a piece of a fairytale a of paradise.” We started the work and have produced 100 unique Larimar rings. Each ring has a unique one-of-a-kind Larimar gem stone. The rings are made of 925 sterling silver and they are handmade.

The beautiful blue colour has a Nordic look and we are of the belief that each ring a a piece of art.

The Larimar stone is a unique semi-precious stone that is only to be found in one mine in the world, in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean.

Now we share the Larimar fairytale with you and offer you to carry around a unique piece of paradise, on your finger.

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